2009 is here. Bike Week 2009 is not that far away the date for the Florida motorcycle event is set for February 27 through March 8 and we will be there to cover the excitement of the 68th annual Bike Week in Daytona Beach Florida.

The 2007 edition of the Bike Week Daytona Motorcycle Rally has come to an end. This being a marker year, the 65th annual brought on many new and exciting changes. 2006 will go down in history as being one of the best years for the Florida weather. The out of state visitors certainly got what they came for in this end of winter bikefest that spread further to the north of Daytona Beach up into Ormond Beach and Flagler County. Plenty of sunshine with most of the days climbing to the upper 70s and cool nights in the 50s had the visiting bikers in a frenzy to get out and do as much as they could daily. With a venue that spread well over 50 miles that included too many contests to list, vendors competing for  business and a parade of some of the most beautiful custom motorcycles that the central Florida area has seen in quite some time. This years Daytona Bike Week should be ruled as a total success and a big "thank you" goes out to the bikers and motorcycle enthusiast that contributed to make it happen. It is unfortunate and sad however to see that this year the number of fatal motorcycle accidents has exceeded any previous year's highest number.


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Motorcycle news!
Before the GX3  Motorcycle was shown at the L. A. Auto Show, the G-Rex prototype was cruising around Daytona Beach Florida during Bike Week. Check out Mike's News story.


During a motorcycle rally residents and visitors in four wheel vehicles watch for motorcycles. Please take a moment of your time to read this short statement to understand why you should have a watchful eye year round, not only during Bike Week or Biketober. The statement is called A Close Call. Before you are involved in an accident and have to find a personal injury attorney, deal with your insurance company for a settlement and have bills piling up that destroy your credit. Visit our accident and legal information page.


Bike Week Daytona: More than a tradition, Its a lifestyle!

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