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First off, My woman Cindi and I want to welcome you to your page! I was going over this sites visitor statistics and I noticed that men and women are visiting from armed forces stations overseas. Yea, I see you there. My stats show visitors from mil (USA Military), sa (Saudi Arabia) and org (Non-Profit Organizations) and this tells me you are visiting. Thanks to all of you for active service in the military, standing watch for the rights and freedom for the people of the United States of America and other countries of the world to where you may have been called. We are honored that you continue to visit our web site and realize that you miss your family, homes, friends, biker events and your motorcycle. Your presence has been felt and I have to tell you it touches my heart to have you here by way of the internet. So what is this all about? We want you to feel even more at home when you or your loved ones visit this site.

The first thing that I did was put up a new section in our bikers link directory just for active duty personnel. It has links that I have found dedicated to touring duty military and veterans. If you know of any useful links that have not been listed in the directory, let me know. If you find that one of the links are too commercial with no value to you or find one that is offensive, let me know. I have included hundreds of links and have not had the time to go through all of them yet. Veterans Links

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Next, I want to start a picture gallery for you. This gallery will be only for active duty military personnel and families! I need you to send me your pictures, send anything that you want posted to your gallery as long as it is legal. Send pictures of your bike, you, your unit, family etc. If you are not able to send them, have someone do it for you so we can post them here for all that visit to see. Please include information like where you are stationed, your branch, information about the picture and even a personal note to the people at home. If you do not have a way to scan your pictures, but you want them posted, send them to us and we will scan and return them. You will find the mailing information to do this below. No pictures, no problem! Want to send a personal message for everyone to see? Send it email or snail mail and we will get it posted.


Final item for now. Input! I want your suggestions, please. I want to know what else that we can do with this page of yours to give you something back from two people that care about you. Send me news, suggestions, poems, whatever that you want to do here. Remember, we know you are visiting this site and this is going to be your own internet military biker rally. It will be open for you 24/7 for you to visit..... use it.
All links for the active duty military will be listed on this page from now on.


Here is an interesting news article that I found about a military wife that had her husband's motorcycle customized by Billy Lane of Chopper's Inc.

Ranger Battalion celebrates successful deployment with motorcycle ride

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Thanks again for visiting our site. Return home safe.... Sincerely, Mike and Cindi Odom


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