Choppers Inc. biker Build-Off winner builder Billy Lane

We found this chopper in our hometown of Melbourne Florida. We heard a live broadcast being aired by a local radio station The Pirate 95.9 from a famous local builder. Billy Lane of Choppers Inc. had this bike setting outside the shop on display, so we snapped a few shots of the chopper. It was announced on the radio that this custom built motorcycle was to be featured on the Discovery Channel Biker Build-Off here is a sneak preview of the bike! Click on the smaller images to enlarge.

This is the Chopper that won the March 8th episode of the great biker build off that featured Biker Build-Off: Billy Lane vs. Mike Brown DVD of Amen Motorcycles. Billy was the winner with the motorcycle pictured below. Congratulations Billy and Choppers Inc. !

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The Great Biker Build-Off DVD Set

The Great Biker Build-Off DVD Set

Follow a group of world-class motorcycle fabricators as they compete in the ultimate showdown to determine the World's Greatest Bike Builder.

Billy Lane Poster

Billy Lane Poster

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