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During the annual motorcycle event Bike Week held in Daytona Beach Florida, one of the main attractions to the yearly visit by bikers and tourist is Main Street. Famous for the shops, bars, vendors and food everyone cruises the drag at least once during their stay. During the ten days in March this street is totally jammed with motorcycles and people. Here you will find pictures that have been taken of bikes and sites that we have ran into over the years. Many people come here just to buy a T Shirt and look at all of the different scooters and choppers that show up along this world famous street.

pinewood cemetery

Pinewood Cemetery one of the sites to see on Main Street with it's oldest grave dating back to 1877. Although this cemetery is the final resting place for veterans of the Spanish American and Civil War as well as many original leaders and politicians from Volusia County Florida. It is probably most famous for being located directly across the street form the Boothill Saloon.

main street station

Main Street Station is sometimes overlooked and a great deal under-rated. One of the few establishments that allow bikers to wear colors. The food is good, the music is rockin and the beer is cold.

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