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Bike Week Daytona: More than a tradition, It's a lifestyle! ™

It's true! but there are too many changes trying to be forced upon the bikers and other visitors to the Daytona Beach area. With all the new or newly enforced laws making our yearly event less enjoyable, we wanted to do a little digging and see what or who was causing this to happen. One is quick to say it's the cops but it's not them. They are only doing their job in enforcing the laws (true, some may be over zealous at times). The law, who comes up with these lame laws that the Daytona Beach Police must enforce? The Daytona Beach City Commission with one particular commissioner that seems to have a problem with the biker community and lifestyle. Darlene Yordon has gone as far as stating that her residents" must move away during biker events if they want to sleep and referring to her area Zone 2 (event area) as "the war zone". Ms. Yordon has announced that she wishes to be Mayor of Daytona Beach! She has not even taken the time to create a bio or message on the City Commission site. She certainly could not say she is glad we are back! Here is the way that one of the local residents of Volusia County feels about Ms. Yordon and also points out a great insight as to her motives. For very informative reading on what really goes on in Daytona Beach and how your money (as a visitor) goes to waste see The Real Daytona
"I hate motorcycles," said City Commissioner Darlene Yordon,who spoke of a "groundswell" of opposition to special events from Daytona residents. She said of the tourist behavior at biker events, Black College Reunion and spring break: "These people come down here and they take stupid pills . . . It just overshadows everything else that's so good here."
give me a break! I have to agree with Daytona Harley Davidson owner Bruce Rossmeyer who stated in this same article "She's just making everything very difficult . . . Somebody should say, 'Shut the hell up.'

GX3 Prototype at Daytona Bike Week: Before the GX3 was shown at the L.A. Auto Show, the prototype was cruising around Daytona Beach Florida during Bike Week

Harley-Davidson, Inc. Web-Cast Conference Call Scheduled for Thursday, January 19, 2006
MILWAUKEE, Dec. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Harley-Davidson, Inc. (NYSE:HDI) today announced that it is scheduled to release its fourth quarter 2005 financial results before market hours on Thursday, January 19, 2006. On Thursday, January 19, 2006, the public is invited to participate in a web-cast conference call with Jim Ziemer, President and CEO, Harley-Davidson, Inc., from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM (Central Time).


National Motorcycle Charity Rally Weekend' Proposed By Biker T-Shirt Shop Owner
December 17, 2005 -- Crazy Crissy’s Biker T-Shirts & Shyt (shite) is a small online business and it's owner, Crissy Jackman has giant aspirations. Crissy is working the computer, post office and streets to get Congressional support for a National Motorcycle Charity Rally Weekend.


AMA HOSTS 2ND SUMMIT ON MOTORCYCLE SOUND; GROUP PUBLISHES RECOMMENDATIONS PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has announced that the second National Summit on Motorcycle Sound was held on Saturday, May 16 in Columbus, Ohio, and that the group has published its recommendations for addressing the issue. The recommendations, released as a document called Sound Advice, is the product of two years of effort by the Motorcycle Sound Working Group, which was formed after the first summit conference in May of 2003. Contributors included representatives of the street and off-road motorcycling communities, as well as motorcycle manufacturers, aftermarket companies, event organizers, law enforcement, municipal government, and research institutions and regulatory agencies. "We’re grateful to all those who contributed to these recommendations, helping American motorcyclists address a difficult and important issue," said Robert Rasor, AMA President. "Now, for the motorcycling community and the powersports industry, the real work begins, and the AMA will continue to participate in creating solutions." "Sound Advice speaks with virtually every voice in American motorcycling, and it speaks to everyone who has a stake in American motorcycling's future," said Ed Moreland, AMA Vice President for Government Relations and facilitator of the Motorcycle Sound Working Group. "We encourage motorcyclists, businesses, and communities to work together to support the working group's recommendations." Sound Advice is available on the AMA's website,, at

Issued: May 16, 2005

Daytona Boardwalk Shop Owner Says Mayor Double-Crossed Him : Business owners along the boardwalk say they've been double-crossed. Despite promises they wouldn't have to close shop, city leaders now call their area along the north side of Main Street a blighted area.

Stunt rider Kenny Yoho jumps world famous coleslaw wrestling pit at cabbage patch bar during bike week 2005: I thought it would be a cool if Kenny would do freestyle motocross stunt without the aid of a ramp and jump over the coleslaw pit where the women were getting ready to compete for the $500.00 first prize.

Road to Daytona Bike Week All over Central Florida: BATW Ambassadors Mike & Cindi Odom as they take the beans to bars near and far on the road to Daytona!


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