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The World Premiere of the GX3 at the LA Auto Show was announced earlier today in a news press release, but we had a chance to see one of the prototype motorcycles during Bike Week Daytona motorcycle rally in Daytona Beach, Florida.

the prototype g-rex cruising down i-95 in volusia
The prototype G-REX cruising down I-95 in  Volusia

g-rex motorcycle

G-REX Motorcycle

We first encountered this 3 wheeled vehicle on I-95 while heading in to Samsula to the Cabbage Patch Bar to set up our tent at the Bike Week Campgrounds. Cindi took a few pictures for our Bike Week On the Road photo galleries.
We watched in amazement as the unconventional three wheeled vehicle passed us by heading north toward Daytona Beach. I was glad for the few quick shots that we got and figured we would not see this strange hi-way star again.

a photo of the three wheeler fron the rear

A photo of the three wheeler fron the rear

g-rex parked at cabbage patch bar

G-Rex parked at Cabbage Patch Bar

As it turned out one of the developers and owner of the G-Rex dropped by the Cabbage Patch Bar. We got a second opportunity to photograph the motorcycle in its prototype stage.
While we where taking some pictures, the owner and developer of the G-Rex, Gino came out to chat with us. He explained that one of the purposes for the development was to help people with mobility difficulties.

gino sitting in his g-rex

Gino sitting in his G-Rex

cind odom in the drivers seat

Cind Odom in the drivers seat

Cindi got a chance to check out the vehicle first hand, sitting in the drivers seat. She said it was comfortable, yet felt sporty like a race car.
I remebered that we had brought along the can of S & W Black Beans to shoot some pictures during Daytona Bike Week for a site called Beans Around The World. So we carefully placed the can of beans in the drivers seat to be photographed. You can read the full story about the beans trip to Daytona Beach at the site.

black beans doing a test drive

Black Beans doing a test drive

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